Specialty Trailer Uses

If you name it, Featherlite Specialty Trailers can build it! It may seem like a lofty declaration, but it's one that Featherlite works to prove with every project. You most likely have a use in mind for your trailer at this point, but if you don't, here are some options to consider.

Broadcast Trailers

  • Radio/TV broadcasting
  • Mobile recording studio

Car Haulers

  • Race transporters
  • Custom car or vintage car transportation
  • Mobile garage or mobile workshop

Education Trailers

  • Mobile classroom
  • Research lab
  • Mobile simulation trailers

Emergency Response Trailers

  • Fire response trailers
  • Hazmat response trailers
  • Disaster response trailers
  • Mobile rescue headquarters
  • Police response or mobile incarceration
  • Communications & command center

Entertainment Trailers

  • Mobile theater
  • Mobile stage

Event Marketing Trailers

  • Promotion vehicle
  • Mobile product demonstration or display trailer
  • Mobile product showroom
  • Mobile museum
  • Mobile product repair at sporting events

Government Trailers

  • Military recruitment
  • Military or police training
  • Command center
  • Mobile lab

Hospitality Trailers

  • Host & entertain clients or customers
  • Lounge and/or living quarters

Kitchen Trailers

  • Concession trailers (Food vending trailers)
  • Mobile restaurant
  • Catering trailers
  • Mobile grill/BBQ trailers
  • Product tasting/testing

Medical Trailers

  • Medical clinic
  • Medical product demo trailer
  • Morgue
  • Veterinary clinic
  • Medical lab
  • Mobile hearing labs
  • Mobile mammography units
  • Mobile diagnostics units
  • Mobile health screening trailers

Office Trailers

  • Job training
  • Product or service training
  • Job recruitment
  • Mobile conference room
  • Mobile headquarters for sports officials at events

Political Trailers

  • Mobile political campaign headquarters
  • Voter recruitment vehicle

Vending & Retail Trailers

  • Sports merchandise vending trailers
  • General merchandise vending trailers


  • Mobile restroom
  • Mobile showers
  • Rabies control trailers
  • Mobile zoo
  • Mobile meat processing trailer
  • Helicopter landing pad
  • Snowmobile haulers
  • Motorcycle haulers
Next, learn more about the trailer configurations available for your specialty trailer.