Trailer Lifts

There are two types of lifts—lift gates and cargo lifts. Both mount on the rear of the trailer and do as they say—lift cargo or products above the ground. Featherlite's rear lift gates create an extended display area or serve to position items, such as race cars, to the upper storage area. The Featherlite lift gate is unique in the industry with its patented back up drive system that assures operation even if there is a power loss.

Lift gates are where the entire rear wall of the trailer can open up to a horizontal surface, which then can be used as an elevator to go from ground level to the trailer floor level or a 2nd deck. Lift gates are made as part of the trailer and can carry about 6,000 pounds. These are especially popular in the racing industry as it allows the lifting and loading of up to 3 race cars into the upper deck area of a trailer. They are also used to display products.

Cargo lifts are smaller and manufactured by a vendor. They bolt onto the rear of the trailer and travel from ground level to about 4 feet off the ground. They come in both aluminum and steel construction and are usually rated for 2,000 or 4,000 pound capacity.

Lift gate operation is illustrated in 3D:

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