Specialty Trailer Trade-Ins

If you are only planning to use your specialty trailer for one tour or if you decide to upgrade to a different trailer, what do you do with the trailer? A few manufacturers, like Featherlite, will take trade-ins or consignments and advertise them on their website and at other venues.

If the trailer is leased, the lessor may end up with the used trailer and will either remodel it and re-use it or liquidate it.

You may ask yourself who would have a use for a trailer that’s completely customized to your company or organization. While it’s unlikely someone will want your exact interior design and graphics, Featherlite does offer trailer refurbishment where Featherlite can do a full removal and restoration of the interior or slightly alter the inside and use the shell of the trailer for a completely new application.

Trailer refurb is also an option if you decide to do a second tour and your needs and marketing campaigns have changed. If your trailer serves more day-to-day functions, Featherlite will work with you to update your trailer as needed.

The trade-in value will vary depending on the age of the trailer. The nice thing about Featherlite’s all-aluminum construction is it does traditionally hold its value longer since it’s more durable and more resistant to rust and corrosion.