Trailer Graphics & Paint

The most common options for the exterior of a specialty trailer are paint or graphics.

The two leading brands of paint used are DuPont® and Sikkens®. You will need to communicate what color you want. Major vehicle paint companies like DuPont and Sikkens have their own numbering systems and color chips available. The way to describe your color is by the manufacturer's paint code.

Note: The Pantone® Matching System, or PMS®, describes a particular shade of any color. It is the color industry standard for inks and textiles, but it is not the industry standard for vehicle paint. That's why an ad agency or an interior designer will probably describe colors with a PMS number. Most vehicle painters can cross reference to PMS codes, but colors in ink don't always look the same in paint.

Graphics come in two versions—vinyl decals and photographic images printed on vinyl. Decals are cut to the desired shape and stuck on, over the paint, with a pressure adhesive similar to tape. These can be removed by heating and carefully pulling them off.

Photographic images can be printed on vinyl sheets and stuck on the side of your trailer similar to hanging wall paper. If both sides of the trailer are completely covered, it is called a full wrap. In both cases the design detail can be sent to the installer electronically via a Vector .eps or .ai file via e-mail or on a disc.

Featherlite Graphics
Featherlite Graphics' facility covers 48,000 square feet and contains seven 85' x 24' x 18' paint booths, a five bay prep area and an entire graphic design department. Featherlite Graphics is a complete in-house shop with design, paint, print production and vinyl installation teams. They are continually attending classes and receiving certifications from DuPont, Sikkens & 3M to keep up-to-date on the latest industry processes and product knowledge.

Visit Featherlite Graphics website for more information.

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