• Featherlite's specialty trailers and interiors are both designed and custom built in Featherlite's own facilities from the ground up.
  • Featherlite trailers are constructed of aluminum, offering you a lighter and more durable trailer that you can rely on for many years.

Mobile Recruitment & Political Trailers

Political campaigns are about connecting with potential voters. That's why a mobile campaign office or mobile recruitment trailer is a fitting way to reach out to people in your state, district, city or political party in an efficient and engaging manner.

As a mobile recruitment vehicle, your organization or campaign can create an interactive experience that moves people to be more immersed in the political process by either registering to vote and/or supporting your candidate. The trailer can be easily set up at college campuses, parks, sporting events, parades, fairs and other community events.

As a mobile campaign office, in addition to interactive elements to engage voters, office space or custom lounges can help team members complete their work on the road. A private office or lounge also makes a great interview room for your candidate and media members or as a place for a candidate to have some comfortable down time.

Featherlite specialty trailers are completely customizable. Some options to consider for utilizing a specialty trailer for political functions include computer terminals and Internet access for voter registration or name capture and electronics including flat screen TVs, satellite dish, outside speakers and video cameras. A stage and canopy for candidates to speak from to those gathered at the mobile campaign headquarters is also a great addition.

Let Featherlite help you take your campaign on the road and increase your productivity. Contact Featherlite Specialty Trailers at 800-800-1230 or fill out the form to the left today.