Command center trailer for oil fields

  • Featherlite's patented slide-out design provides both convenience and reliability while deploying the trailer.
  • Featherlite trailers traditionally hold their value longer, and owners report that their aluminum Featherlite trailer offers higher payload capacity because of its lighter weight.

Oil Field Trailers

Featherlite offers customized specialty trailers that will maximize your company and workforce’s performance in the oil fields. Applications for Featherlite specialty trailers include:

  • Command centers (or data vans)
  • Office trailers
  • Mobile cooling stations
  • Sleeping quarters
  • Kitchen trailers
  • Maintenance trailers and mobile workshops
  • Other support trailer functions

Featherlite trailers are fully customizable and built from the ground up. Depending on the use, Featherlite trailers can be designed with:

  • Conference rooms and individual workstations
  • Cat 5 cabling, satellite dishes and whatever technology you need to provide instant communication on site or to the home office
  • Restrooms, bunkbeds, kitchens and other amenities for on-site use for extended period of time
  • Cabinets and countertops for storage and work space
  • Multiple slideouts to expand interior work space
  • And more! (You name it!)

Featherlite trailers are constructed of aluminum, offering you a lighter, more durable trailer that you can rely on for many years. Featherlites can stand up to rough terrain that may be required to reach the job site. If desired, Featherlite can equip your trailer with extra reinforcements such as double pane windows to meet whatever safety requirements you have.

With over 45 years in the trailer industry, Featherlite has become the Americas' top choice for quality aluminum trailers. Contact us today at 800-800-1230 or via the form to the left to request additional information and to start custom designing your trailer.