• Featherlite's patented slide-out design provides both convenience and reliability while assembling the display.
  • Featherlite trailers are constructed of aluminum, offering you a lighter and more durable trailer that you can rely on for many years.

Mobile Theater & Entertainment Trailers

Featherlite specialty trailers can perform a number of mobile entertainment purposes, including:

  • Mobile theater
  • Mobile stage trailer
  • Mobile museum
  • Mobile hospitality

A mobile theater can be used a number of ways. For brand building or product education, theater style seating and all the sensory elements and effects of an actual theater, along with cutting edge technology, can create an engaging video experience for potential customers. Include full surround sound and 3-D video presentations for a heightened experience. Informational booths, kiosks and signage can help deliver the message around the theater as well.

A mobile theater can also be used exclusively for entertainment purposes for viewing movies, or it makes a great mobile classroom for educational services.

A mobile stage trailer creates a concert like atmosphere or theatrical setting for actual performances. Companies also use mobile stage trailers to create excitement and a concert like setting in which they can engage with customers at large outdoor events.

Featherlite drop down stages are hinged to the trailer at the bottom and fold open to create an extension of the trailer floor. In addition to full mobile stage trailers, a stage can be used on event marketing trailers to display large products, kiosks, signage and more. A double stage is also available where both sides open up, providing a line of sight through the trailer from side to side.

Another great option for mobile theater trailers is a slide-out that will provide up to 1,000 additional square feet of interior space. For a mobile stage trailer, awnings can help to expand the space of your trailer as well.

For more information on how to take your entertainment venture to the next level, call Featherlite Specialty Trailer Sales at 800-800-1230 or fill out the form to the left.