Medical trailer for Wright Medical

  • Featherlite's patented slide-out design provides both convenience and reliability while assembling the medical trailer.
  • Featherlite trailers are constructed of aluminum, offering you a lighter and more durable trailer that you can rely on for many years.

Medical Trailers

Medical trailers and mobile clinics from Featherlite allow hospitals, clinics and companies providing medical equipment or services to go on-site to better serve their customers' and patients' needs.

Mobile medical trailers from Featherlite can serve the following functions:

  • Medical learning labs
  • Medical sales trailers
  • Medical product demonstration trailers
  • Mobile clinic
  • Mobile hospitals
  • Sports medicine trailers
  • Mobile mammography
  • Mobile x-ray
  • Mobile audiology
  • Mobile diabetic treatment
  • Mobile labs
  • Emergency trailers
  • Mobile physical therapy
  • Morgue
  • Veterinary clinic
  • Mobile health screening trailers

Diagnostics and therapeutic services, among other health services, become more accessible to people when utilizing a Featherlite medical trailer or mobile clinic.

Featherlite medical trailers can also serve as a mobile lab or mobile display trailer for companies taking their medical products on site for demonstrations to physicians, surgeons and other medical professionals at hospitals and clinics.

Featherlite medical trailers are equipped with the latest technology, including optional wireless satellite uplink, allowing instant access to resources and outside communications.

For more information on Featherlite medical trailers or a mobile clinic, call Featherlite Specialty Trailer Sales at 800-800-1230 or fill out the form to the left today.