Featherlite Trailers Testimonials

Read more about why many businesses, organizations and race teams choose Featherlite Specialty Trailers.

  • Jeff Fischer, Director, MED-1 Partners

    "Many of our customers already know the Featherlite brand, and it gives them further confidence that our company is committed to quality. Featherlite has consistently supported us throughout their organization and have gone above and beyond on a number of occasions to meet our needs."
  • Don Schaeffer, Eldorado Cartridge Corporation/PMC

    "The whole marketing concept is based on our trailers. Just the presence of these Featherlite units generates a lot of excitement."
  • John Cunningham, National Events Marketing Manager, Black & Decker/DeWalt

    "Featherlite is extremely customer focused. We sat down with their engineers and designers, and they developed a unit that worked for us."
  • Chip Ganassi, Owner and President, Chip Ganassi Racing

    "I’ve been a Featherlite customer since 1995. I have certainly seen the quality, service and innovation unsurpassed in the industry."
  • Veva Lucero, Senior Buyer, Honeywell - a division of Federal Manufacturing & Technologies

    "We awarded [Featherlite our] Supplier Excellence Award with great pride in having done business with a company that takes pride in their work."

    (The Supplier Excellence Award was presented for superior performance and product manufacturing by Featherlite on three 53-foot logistic support trailers built for the U.S. Department of Energy.)
  • Jeff Gordon, NASCAR Driver

    “Featherlite quality and service is championship all the way…Featherlite has earned its reputation for excellence and its leadership in the industry.”
  • Kenny Bernstein, Owner, Kenny Bernstein Racing

    “Having been Featherlite’s first NHRA customer, I am still proud to transport my teams from race to race in Featherlite trailers some 12 years later. I am continually impressed with Featherlite’s commitment to quality.”
  • Lt. Ed Grothus, Davenport, IA Fire Department Haz Mat Division

    “We priced a competitive model that was almost twice the cost of the Featherlite unit. Our community received a lot of bang for the buck.”
  • Jeff Kirk, Operations Director, JKS Motorsports

    “One of Featherlite’s best qualities is their ability to design and custom build trailers. Their innovative way of thinking and ability to take a concept from paper to production is what keeps their clients returning time after time.”
  • Jim Verlengia, Partnership Director & past Director of Project SEMI at Heartland AEA 11, an area education agency serving central Iowa

    “I think the thing we admire most about the trailer is not only its durability, because we’ve most certainly found that to be true in its limited use, but actually the construction. Everybody who comes in cannot believe that we’re standing in a trailer or that this is a mobile lab. The detail of the workmanship…I had the opportunity to visit the plant while it was being built, and I was very impressed…We’ve been very blessed to work with Featherlite and also, most importantly, to get a product that we think will be durable over time.”
  • Richard Childress, Owner, Richard Childress Racing

    “I bought my first Featherlite race car transporter in 1991 and have relied on their expertise ever since. In racing you have to have expert tech support, cutting edge technology, the best engineers and superior craftsmanship. That is what teams get from Featherlite, as well as their personal attention from start to finish.”
  • Jim Rogers, Member, Historic Sportscar Racing and Sports Car Vintage Racing Association

    "I have to say the trailer is of such quality that we have not had a single problem with it since purchase."
  • Phil Harris, Harris Leather

    "The trailer is phenomenal, and we are enjoying it so much. The response at our shows has been overwhelming, and it is the talk wherever we go. I can drive down the interstates and people are videoing and taking pictures of it. It sure makes everyone take a second look…You and your team are the best and only Featherlite could have built a remarkable rolling display trailer like this one. I have been since 1982 and will always be a big fan of Featherlite trailers! They are unequaled in the industry!"