Indian Motorcycles goes on the road with help from Featherlite

Venerable motorcycle brand uses a Featherlite display trailer to create a buzz at events

What do you do when your company wants a huge buzz to promote the revival of a famous brand? If you're Indian Motorcycles, you create a portable showroom you can take directly to your market.

"What we wanted to do is take a mini slice of our accessories, clothing and motorcycles and display them at specific events," Marc Pomerantz, marketing events manager at Indian Motorcycles, said. "To do that, we needed to create a dynamic environment that showcased our product. A trailer was the easiest way."

In order to fulfill this goal, Indian turned to Featherlite Trailers.

"Honestly, it was the quality of their work that made us select them," Pomerantz said. "Featherlite not only has the name brand but also the reputation."

The design and construction process went smoothly, thanks to Indian's solid vision and Featherlite's event marketing expertise.

"They wanted a trailer that not only allowed them to haul bikes but also to maximize quality exposure," Mark Ackley, Featherlite specialty sales manager, said.

As a result, the display trailer contains two VIP areas for prospective buyers and dealers in addition to the motorcycle display area. The trailer also features an area devoted to Indian's clothing and motorcycle accessories.

The new trailer was unveiled at the Sturgis, S. D., motorcycle rally in August 2008. Expectations were high.

"If we had a poor display and the trailer looked bad, it would have been a disastrous first impression," Pomerantz said. "No one wants to buy a motorcycle from a mobile marketing trailer that looks like it was lying on the side of the road."

The result was a great success, according to Pomerantz. In addition, the trailer has drawn in more than just potential customers.

"Indian gets leads on a lot of dealer establishments, too," Ackley said.

Since Sturgis, the Indian display trailer has proved its worth at several motorcycle rallies and events.

"We have the ability to just drive in, park the trailer, then open the side of the trailer up, with our clothing on one side and accessories on the other," Pomerantz said. "It can create a buzz crowd in a half hour."

For more information on how to put a specialty event marketing trailer to work for your company or organization, call Featherlite Specialty Sales at 800-800-1230 or contact us online.