About Featherlite Trailers

Uniquely equipped to build virtually any kind of trailer, Featherlite® focuses on the individual requirements of each customer. Yet every project has one overarching goal: to provide innovative, highly durable trailers that will enhance the client's relationship with their constituency and help them conduct operations more efficiently and comfortably even if under challenging conditions.

Featherlite is a trusted business-to-business manufacturer of custom event marketing trailers, command centers, broadcast trailers, mobile classrooms, medical trailers, mobile clinics, emergency response trailers, kitchen trailers, mobile office trailers, hospitality trailers, mobile theaters, museum trailers, mobile stage trailers, concession trailers, mobile campaign offices, political trailers, mobile training trailers, government trailers, vending trailers, race car haulers, mobile recruitment, sports trailers and show trailers. Its client list includes Fortune 500 and leading companies and organizations in the U.S. and internationally.

Featherlite offers GSA approved trailers and has a long history of working with the local, state and national government, military and military contractors.

In addition to custom specialty trailers, Featherlite manufactures a large line of consumer trailers in the United States, including horse trailers, livestock trailers, car trailers, ATV trailers, snowmobile trailers, cargo trailers, utility trailers and commercial trailers, that are available through a dealer network. Featherlite is Official Trailer of NASCAR and IMSA.

Personal Service

Every client has a single point-of-contact at Featherlite. This "Specialty Sales Manager" serves the customer as expert-in-residence, advocate and project manager. They will oversee the entire project from beginning to end and keep the client "in the loop" during the entire process. Unlike Featherlite, numerous trailer companies require that their customer deal with various offices within the firm. Featherlite believes their single point-of-contact system is easier, simpler and more effective for the client. Meet the Featherlite team.

Total Customization

As outlined in The Featherlite Difference, "total customization" is a Featherlite concept and business practice designed to provide "solutions in motion" for virtually any kind of customer need. Featherlite believes since there are no "standard" clients, neither are there "standard solutions" that can accommodate the vast and complex array of different business and organizational needs.

High-Impact Graphics

As detailed in our Trailer Basics section, Featherlite has state-of-the-art capability to provide stunning custom graphics on sides of clients' mobile units. Featherlite trailers not only house and transport products or services, they also provide clients with high-impact "outdoor media" that can build a brand or deliver a billboard-size message to the public. According to an Arbitron® study, outdoor media--including graphic "trailer wraps"--play a vital role…by reaching consumers missed by other media…. [trailer graphics] reach those Americans not exposed or only lightly exposed to newspaper and local television news."

Exclusive Benefits

Featherlite Specialty Trailers combine the best of both worlds--superior strength and durability with lighter weight. This is done through the use of a premium aluminum alloy for its structure and skin. The trailer's lighter weight is of particular advantage to those wanting to maximize cargo weight and remain within DOT regulations.

In addition Featherlite utilizes a patented, optional rack and pinion slide-out drive on its display transporters. Slide-outs, which dramatically increase the floor space inside the parked trailer, are deployed in a Featherlite with a single pushbutton. Featherlite also includes a manual back-up system. This redundant system was developed to help prevent any malfunction, even in the most intense weather and unusually challenging conditions. With the manual backup, the slide-out will operate even when no electricity is available.

Featherlite also offers a patented, optional "spread axle" design. This feature enables customers to transport more weight per axle, which advances the capabilities of standard axle design.

Other Featherlite benefits include:

  • Featherlite Quiet. Transporters are designed with enhanced noise and vibration reduction. Generator systems are surrounded with air bags.
  • Featherlite superior fit/finish and professional appearance, including smooth sides for graphic wraps
  • Optional Featherlite electric lift gate with patented back-up system
  • Virtually unlimited options and customization

Greater Payload

Aluminum trailers are engineered lighter so that payload can be increased while maintaining chassis strength and integrity. In addition, the Featherlite patented 10'1" spread axle configuration enables customers to haul 20,000 lbs. per axle.

Top Reliability

Featherlite is noted for its ability to manufacture specialty trailers that operate even under challenging and unusual conditions. NASCAR race teams, which have little margin of error in their demanding month-in, month-out national race schedule, overwhelmingly choose Featherlite transporters. A Featherlite Specialty Sales Manager can cover in detail what goes into the design and manufacturing of these incredible "million-mile trailers".

Trailer Clients

Fortune 500 companies, major non-profits and organizations from North America and overseas rely on Featherlite Specialty Trailers to connect them with their clients, customers and constituencies. See client list. Whether it is to showcase a product, deliver a service, build a brand, entertain customers, educate a class, provide emergency response or market merchandise, Featherlite provides "solutions in motion" in the widest range of capabilities.