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  • 2-27-2018 JGRMX Supercross Transporter

    Featherlite builds transporters for all types of racing from NASCAR, Indy, Supercross, Motocross and more! Check out these new Featherlite transporter photos for JGRMX’s Supercross team for Factory Suzuki! And then take a look at this detailed walkthrough video from Vital MX of a tour of the inside of the Featherlite transporter!

    Supercross transporter work area

    Supercross transporter exterior

    Supercross transporter work area

    Supercross transporter work area

    Supercross transporter lounge

  • 11-29-2017 Assistance League of LA

    The Assistance League of Los Angeles’ Operation School Bell rolls up to schools with their new, 48-foot Featherlite trailer. At each location, up to 300 K-5 students attending L.A. public schools — from low-income families to homeless children — will leave with some basics that can make school and life a little easier. Thanks to generous donations, all items given out are brand new. Read more about this specialty trailer on our website.

  • 9-28-2017 Sugizaki Transport Co.

    Featherlite recently completed production on two transporters for Sugizaki Transport Co. of Japan. One of the trailers is a race car hauler while the other is an engineering support trailer. Check out the photos on our Facebook page!

    Sugizaki Transport trailer

  • 4-27-2017 PXG Golf Trailer

    Take a tour of PXG’s new Featherlite trailer in this video from PXG.

  • 3-22-2017 Kawasaki transporter

    Watch this video to see Monster Energy Kawasaki Truck Driver Brian Barnhart give a tour of their Featherlite transporter to show what it takes to support the team from event to event.