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  • 6-24-2019 PGA Tour

    Check out this video and read more about the new mobile fitness centers, built by Featherlite, that the PGA TOUR unveiled earlier this season!

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  • 3-13-2015 Titleist Mobile Workshop

    Take a tour of Titleist’s latest pro golf tour mobile workshop!

    Featherlite built this 42 foot long trailer to the exact specifications that Titleist provided and, as you’ll learn from this video, they couldn’t be happier with the result! The trailer houses specialized tools to craft and fine tune professional level golf clubs and a comfortable place for pro golfers to hang out while they’re waiting.

  • 10-20-2011 Welcome!
    Event Marketing Trailer for National Guard

    Event Marketing Trailer for National Guard

    Welcome to the new Featherlite Specialty blog! Today we’re not only launching this new blog but also unveiling our newly redesigned Featherlite Specialty website. If you’ve gotten this far, then you’ve probably seen it. But we hope you take some more time to look around. The trailer gallery is a new feature our visitors will be especially excited about. A top request by our web visitors and potential customers was more pictures! The current count is over 400 images and that will grow quickly!

    So how well do you know Featherlite? We’ve long been known in the horse, livestock and NASCAR circles as a leading aluminum trailer brand. In fact, we were the first all-aluminum gooseneck trailer built in 1973.

    Since then and especially over the last 10 to 20 years, Featherlite expanded their business and began working on trailer projects for companies and organizations who were looking to market products or services, take their business on the road or to serve as a mobile command center for emergency response officials. But these are just a few of the applications really. It’s amazing the trailers our clients and Specialty Sales Managers (SSMs) create together! As mentioned before, browse through the Trailer Gallery and you can see for yourself.

    This blog is something new for Featherlite, but our goal with it is to share many of the stories, both through words and images, of our clients and their mobile solutions. We hope these will help to spark an idea for you if your business or organization is considering a specialty trailer.

    We’ll also highlight news throughout your various industries, give you tips that will help you before and after the launch of your specialty trailer, share info about events that may be of interest and much more! Each specialty trailer is unique, and we plan to share with you the unique things that companies, agencies and organizations are doing to improve their business and/or service.

    This blog will be written by the Featherlite Communications Team, but we may have some guest writers occasionally. We welcome any contributions and look forward to hearing your comments*.

    Again, welcome!

    *Comments are moderated and generally will be posted if they are on-topic and not abusive. Our goal is to provide substantive commentary for a business readership. By moderating submissions, we have created a space where readers can exchange intelligent and informed commentary that expands understanding of the specialty trailer field and opportunities.