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  • 3-20-2019 Mobile Video Displays

    Insane Impact partnered with Visible Display in providing 6 LED video wall rental products for the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show. The rental products included 5 Featherlite LED trailers with 15’x8’ displays at the Equipment Test Center, an area that allowed show attendees to test the latest in golf gear with a driving range. The LED screens were placed facing the golfers, so they could enjoy watching live golf while hitting balls right at the screens. The 6th screen was an LED display truck located at the New Product Zone, an area showcasing the latest in golf gear. This screen displayed advertisements, a live social media to screen feed and new product info.

    LED video display

    LED video display

  • 7-23-2014 Fantastic Featherlite – LED scoreboard trailer

    This custom Model 4941 gooseneck trailer was recently ordered by a customer who travels to rodeos around the country. They provide the rodeos with a large LED scoreboard screen that shows competitor scores and other information to the audience. The scoreboard is built into the rear of the trailer. In the front is a very nice living quarters that the owners can stay in while they are on the road. Check out the video below to take a closer look at this fantastic Featherlite!

  • 9-20-2012 Video display trailer

    Previously we shared photos of one of our mobile video display trailers at a graduation event. Here’s one that’s being used by Polaris as part of a new product display at the Hay Days snowmobile event in Minnesota.

    Obviously by using such a trailer, a company or business can broadcast their message to large groups of people who are gathered at their display or booth plus draw people in who are just walking by.

    Video display trailer

  • 4-10-2012 Video display trailer at graduation

    Last year, one of our clients that specializes in live event production shared these photos with us of their Featherlite trailer at a large outdoor graduation ceremony. The large video screen rises up from the trailer allowing viewing by a large audience at events, like the graduation shown here. These types of trailers also make great additions to any outdoor event, where a company or business can broadcast their message to large groups of people. We thought it’d be fun to share another interesting trailer application for a Featherlite trailer, since graduation season is right around the corner!

    Mobile screen trailer

    Mobile screen trailer

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  • 11-21-2011 Mobile Video Display Trailers

    Daktronics mobile LED display trailerFeatherlite client Daktronics received their new Featherlite trailer recently, and it has us asking, “where’s the popcorn?” In all seriousness, though, the trailer features an 8’ x 12’ TV that extends up from the top of the trailer. There is also cargo space within the trailer for a sound/speaker box to provide audio for the display.

    More photos: http://tinyurl.com/7bw3fhb

    Daktronics is a leading designer and manufacturer of electronic scoreboards, programmable display systems and large screen video displays using LED technology. Daktronics will use this trailer in their marketing as it enables them to easily travel to a college or university, for example, to demonstrate their product.

    Featherlite has built other trailers similar to this one, like thUniversity of Iowa mobile screen traileris mobile scoreboard for the University of Iowa’s track and field team.

    And while these particular trailers include a TV or scoreboard as their main focal point, Featherlite has found that LED video displays or kiosks are popular add-ons for specialty trailers. They are a great way to capture attention and traffic and easily pass on advertising and marketing messages to customers!