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  • 3-2-2020 Evolution Well Services

    Featherlite recently completed production on a unique mobile communications center for Evolution Well Services.

    Often known for its space-expanding slideouts that extend from the sides of its trailers, this Featherlite specialty trailer is unique with its full lift-up upper deck area that features three workstations on the top level. The main level of this 59 foot trailer also has workstations, desks and seating. Stairs at each end of the main level lead up to the second level before ascending to the upper deck. The mid level of this trailer has an office with multiple computer stations as well as an equipment room.

    This is the third transporter Featherlite has built for Evolution Well Services. This trailer will be based on a worksite for the company in western Texas.

    Upper level of Evolution trailer

    Mid level of Evolution trailer

    Main level of Evolution trailer

    Exterior of Evolution trailer

  • 1-17-2014 Samaritan’s Purse Multi-Purpose Command Center

    Samaritan’s Purse asked us to build a van truck body that could be not only a command center but also a classroom and an office. This is the end result. Two rooms and three slideouts provide plenty of space, and the central table offers a great space for coordinating disaster relief efforts. It can also double as a mini lecture hall, complete with a flat screen TV at the front. The rear room is a comfortable counseling area that can be closed off from the rest of the van for private counseling sessions. The trailer will be used throughout the United States as part of Samaritan Purse’s efforts to help those in need at disaster sites.

    Disaster relief van body

    Interior of disaster relief van body

    Interior of disaster relief van body

  • 6-27-2013 Southern Baptist Disaster Relief command center

    Southern Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers and leaders, along with North American Mission Board’s mobile Featherlite command center, were recently dispatched to central Colorado in the wake of the devastating wildfires affecting this area.

    The mobile command center travels to disaster areas throughout the country and was most recently in Moore, Okla., following May’s tornadoes. First Baptist Church in Black Forest, Colo., will serve as the command center’s home.

    The Featherlite trailer has a self-contained generator for power and a satellite system for communication needs. It includes a private meeting area as well as a larger coordination/meeting room.

    Volunteers and leaders help with various tasks depending on the disaster. Work includes clean-up, debris removal, meal preparation and ministry calls. They also help to rebuild months after disasters have occurred. Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) has over 82,000 trained volunteers that are sent to various disasters each year and is one of the three largest mobilizers of trained disaster relief volunteers in the United States, along with the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army.

    “As disheartened as we are about the Colorado and Oklahoma disasters, we are encouraged by the great work being done by SBDR and NAMB and that Featherlite has helped support their efforts,” Dave Brenno, Featherlite Specialty Sales Manager, said. “We worked with them to design and build their command center from the ground up. I believe that this high level of customization and customer coordination led to a trailer that greatly enhanced the organizations’ capability to respond to these horrific disasters.”

    North American Mission Board (NAMB) coordinates and manages Southern Baptist responses to major disasters through partnerships with 42 state Baptist conventions, most of which have their own state disaster relief programs. SBDR and NAMB are both national members of the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD).

    Featherlite is a leading manufacturer of custom trailers for mobile display, museum, training, recruiting, medical, emergency response, education, business, sport, vending and recreational purposes. For more information, call 800-800-1230 or go to the Featherlite website at www.featherlitespecialty.com.

    SBDR command center

  • 7-26-2012 New specialty trailers

    We wanted to share photos of a few more specialty trailers Featherlite built this summer!

    North American Mission Board is receiving a new Featherlite command center for use in disaster relief efforts!

    Command center

    And here’s a lounge in the interior of a Featherlite race transporter: 

    Race trailer lounge

  • 2-1-2012 Featherlite-built command center at Super Bowl

    A Featherlite mobile command center, owned by Verizon, will support Homeland Security at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis this weekend. The mobile unit will assist officials performing X-rays of all cargo vehicles headed into Lucas Oil Stadium. Read more in the article from the Indianapolis Star:

    Mobile command center aids Homeland Security

    Exterior of command center

    Command center interior