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Monthly Archives: September 2017

  • 9-28-2017 Sugizaki Transport Co.

    Featherlite recently completed production on two transporters for Sugizaki Transport Co. of Japan. One of the trailers is a race car hauler while the other is an engineering support trailer. Check out the photos on our Facebook page!

    Sugizaki Transport trailer

  • 9-15-2017 Billy Graham Rapid Response Team

    The three 40-ft. custom trucks the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team deploys to disaster and emergency scenes across America have their purpose printed on the side: Sharing HOPE in Crisis.

    Whether a natural disaster (tornado, hurricane, flood, etc.) or manmade crisis (mass shooting, terrorist attack, civil unrest, etc.) is involved, the mission remains the same: Provide a comfortable chair, a cup of coffee or water and a prayer for firefighters, EMTs, police and others — an oasis amidst chaos, stress and long hours.

    Featherlite Trailers built the custom truck bodies to help Charlotte, NC-based Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (RRT) meet those needs, wherever a crisis may take them.

    “We typically will try to locate them as close to the hot zone or the center of where an incident happened as possible — whether it’s in Alabama, California or any of the other 20-plus states we’ve been to,” said Jack Munday, International Director, Billy Graham Rapid Response Team. “It establishes, one, a ministry of presence for the rapid response team, and two, it facilitates the gathering, whether it’s local people coming in for prayer. It’s a place for law enforcement when it’s cold to come in and take a break with a cup of coffee. In the summer, it’s kind of a respite for first responders.”

    Mark Ackley, Featherlite segment sales manager, said: “Through a great team effort between Featherlite engineers, and RRT leadership, we created units that can accommodate a lot of different situations and needs.”

    The front door on the passenger side of the vehicle comes into a larger room in the front. It has bench seats on both sides where slideouts are, opposite of one another, plus a 24-inch wide table down the center that’s permanently fixed to the floor and surrounded by comfortable chairs on rollers. The unit also includes a TV monitor, galley area, bathroom and a counter workspace.

    For more information on how to put a custom Featherlite specialty trailer to work for your company or organization, call Featherlite Specialty Sales at 800-800-1230 or contact us via featherlitespecialty.com.

    Response trailer