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Harley-Davidson uses Featherlite trailer in Shanghai, China


When the new Harley-Davidson store in Shanghai needed a trailer to transport motorcycles, they contacted the corporate headquarters in America. The corporate headquarters recommended they buy a Featherlite.

The resulting 46’ transporter can securely hold several motorcycles in the upper and lower decks, and a multipurpose lounge in the front contains a black leather wraparound couch and a Harley-Davidson mirror. A huge covered awning wraps around the exterior streetside to create a covered display space.

“We were honored that Harley-Davidson would recommend Featherlite Trailers to one of its stores, especially one in Shanghai,” Justin Queensland, Featherlite National Sales Manager, said. “It just shows that a quality product will be recognized anywhere.”

Harley Davidson Shanghai Featherlite trailer

Harley Davidson Shanghai Featherlite trailer

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