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Monthly Archives: April 2012

  • 4-24-2012 Masters of the Road

    If you are a viewer of NASCAR races, you may have seen it already, but if not, here is Featherlite’s latest NASCAR commercial – Masters of the Road. So many people know us for our NASCAR trailers and our horse and livestock trailers, but we really do some cool stuff when it comes to specialty trailers. This includes medical trailers like the Wright Medical and Medtronic units featured in this commercial. BAE with its Hawk Advanced Jet Training System is also a recent event marketing trailer owner that you may spot in this 30-second ad. Check it out!

  • 4-16-2012 Oil field trailers

    We recently added a new section to our website for oil field trailers as we’ve seen an increase in activity and interest in this product segment.

    Applications in oil fields for Featherlite specialty trailers include:

    • Command centers (or data vans)
    • Office trailers
    • Mobile cooling stations
    • Sleeping quarters
    • Kitchen trailers
    • Maintenance trailers and mobile workshops
    • Other support trailer functions

    Read more here: https://www.featherlitespecialty.com/trailer-applications/oil-field-trailers/

    Control Center Trailer

  • 4-10-2012 Video display trailer at graduation

    Last year, one of our clients that specializes in live event production shared these photos with us of their Featherlite trailer at a large outdoor graduation ceremony. The large video screen rises up from the trailer allowing viewing by a large audience at events, like the graduation shown here. These types of trailers also make great additions to any outdoor event, where a company or business can broadcast their message to large groups of people. We thought it’d be fun to share another interesting trailer application for a Featherlite trailer, since graduation season is right around the corner!

    Mobile screen trailer

    Mobile screen trailer

    More information on Featherlite broadcast trailers

    More information on Featherlite mobile theaters and entertainment trailers

  • 4-4-2012 Drying trailer

    Featherlite trailers can serve many functions and here’s yet another example of that. This trailer, shown on the production line, will house drying racks and was built for a client that focuses on allergy treatment, prevention and diagnosis. As part of their research process, they harvest pollen and other allergen sources and will use the trailer to house drying racks when onsite in the outdoors.

    Research drying trailer