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Monthly Archives: March 2012

  • 3-27-2012 Race car hauler lifts

    Here’s a pretty cool animation we did that shows how the Featherlite lift gates work.

    Featherlite’s rear lift gates create an extended display area or serve to position items, such as race cars, to the upper storage area. The Featherlite lift gate is unique in the industry with its patented back up drive system that assures operation even if there is a power loss.

    More information on Featherlite lifts

  • 3-19-2012 Broadcast trailers

    During the NASCAR season, Featherlite provides broadcast trailers to each of the networks that broadcast the races. And we’ve also built broadcast trailers for other clients as well. Often, for the trailers used at NASCAR races, the bottom half of the trailer will be used for the director and producer’s offices while the top part is used for storage. Depending on the client’s needs, a full broadcast studio suite can be custom designed into the trailer’s floorplan. Other popular options may include:

    • Control room
    • Voice booth
    • Conference area
    • Multiple desks
    • Edit suites
    • Lounge
    • Kitchen
    • Restroom
    • Slideouts for more space
    • And more!

    In addition to providing trailers for NASCAR’s TV partners, Featherlite manufactures race car haulers that haul the cars of many NASCAR teams, in addition to vending trailers and hospitality trailers. So, next time you’re watching a NASCAR race, look beyond the team’s transporters, because Featherlites are being used elsewhere at races too!

    Featherlite broadcast trailer

    Broadcast trailer before start of 2011 season

  • 3-6-2012 John Force Racing

    John Force Racing has a new Featherlite race transporter. Here is a photo of the work area of the race car hauler before it left Featherlite. See more photos of the John Force Racing trailer here.

    Race Transporter Work Area