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  • 3-20-2019 Mobile Video Displays

    Insane Impact partnered with Visible Display in providing 6 LED video wall rental products for the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show. The rental products included 5 Featherlite LED trailers with 15’x8’ displays at the Equipment Test Center, an area that allowed show attendees to test the latest in golf gear with a driving range. The LED screens were placed facing the golfers, so they could enjoy watching live golf while hitting balls right at the screens. The 6th screen was an LED display truck located at the New Product Zone, an area showcasing the latest in golf gear. This screen displayed advertisements, a live social media to screen feed and new product info.

    LED video display

    LED video display

  • 1-25-2019 Samaritan’s Purse

    To better take care of its volunteers and staff as well as to transport equipment for their domestic efforts, Samaritan’s Purse has turned to Featherlite Trailers for several specialty trailers. Watch this video to learn more!

  • 12-28-2018 Ashley Furniture mobile classroom

    Featherlite recently built a specialty trailer for Ashley Furniture. The Mobile Skills Laboratory is providing students with the opportunity to take over 300 competency-based courses for high school credit. A four-school consortium will each host the Mobile Skills Laboratory at their school district on a nine-week rotational schedule. Enrolled students will have the opportunity to learn about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) related fields, including electrical, wiring, motor controls, programming, print reading, mechanical fabrication, precision gauging, hydraulics, pneumatics, troubleshooting and computer aided drafting. A large number of these courses will also provide students with transferable credit to area technical colleges and potential universities.

    Read here for more details on this mobile classroom. Check out our website for more information on clasroom trailers.

    Mobile classroom


    Mobile classroom

  • 11-30-2018 Copart

    The Copart Catastrophe Response Team launched their new CAT Concourse earlier this year, which is comprised of several Featherlite trailers that include mobile hospitality and office trailers as well as command centers.

    Read more here.


  • 10-30-2018 IBM C-TOC

    IBM recently unveiled its new X-Force Command Cyber Tactical Operations Center (C-TOC) that Featherlite Trailers recently built! The mobile operations center will travel around the U.S. and Europe, running incident response drills with clients, providing on-demand cybersecurity support and building cybersecurity awareness and skills with professionals, students and consumers.

    The mobile facility provides a gesture-controlled cybersecurity “watch floor,” data center and conference facilities that can accommodate two dozen operators, analysts and incident command center staff. The facility can be deployed in a variety of environments, with self-sustaining power, satellite and cellular communications, providing a sterile and resilient network for investigation and response as well as a state-of-the-art platform for cybersecurity training.

    Below are a couple of videos that show how this trailer came to life and how it will be enhance IBM’s goals in the cyber security industry.

    You can also read more about this project in the New York Times.