Tailgating Trailer

When you add a Featherlite tailgating trailer to your tailgate party, you're stepping up your game!

Featherlite tailgating trailers pack all the gear you need for a spectacular tailgate party into one efficient package. Fire up the grill to cook some burgers and brats, then watch the pre-game show on the embedded flatscreen TV with a satellite hookup--the sound system will make sure you don't miss a moment of the big game. A gas-powered generator provides all the power you need, and two taps give you and your entire party plenty of liquid refreshment!

Like their sibling, the Featherlite draft trailer, Featherlite's tailgating trailers have plenty of room in the back to carry a cooler, as well as lawn furniture for your tailgate party. Since Featherlite trailers are all-aluminum, you won't have to worry about weighing down your tow vehicle. You may even save a few dollars on gas, too!

Featherlite tailgating trailers can be customized with many other options and in any length.

The all-aluminum construction also stands up to bad weather, so you can hold your tailgate party in the rain or snow. If you're up for tailgating, so is your Featherlite tailgating trailer.

Sports fans everywhere will get a kick out of Featherlite's tailgating trailers. Call Featherlite Specialty Trailer Sales at 800-800-1230 or fill out the form on the left today to learn more.