Draft Trailer

When you bring a Featherlite draft trailer or beer trailer to an event, you're sure to attract a crowd! This specialized concession trailer features multiple beverage taps, with the entire area illuminated by LED lights. This is an ideal setup for any event that will last into the night! The enormous keg capacity of a Featherlite draft trailer means you won't have to worry about running dry for a long time---and the all-aluminum construction gives a Featherlite draft trailer a higher payload capacity than similar trailers, so you can haul more kegs to an event!

The keg storage area is completely insulated, including the ceiling and sturdy aluminum floor, and a thermostat ensures your kegs will remain ice cold for the customers. A separate area for the generator and CO2 tank provides easy access---no more clambering over wet kegs! E-track on the walls gives you the flexibility you need to secure your kegs when on the road, and an overhead light lets you load and unload kegs without stumbling around in the dark.

A Featherlite draft trailer can also be outfitted with several options that will really make it stand apart from other concession trailers.

  • Cooler - store and serve bottled beer, wine coolers, soft drinks and more
  • Flatscreen TV - A sure-fire way to draw attention to your draft trailer
  • DVD player - Play movies, music and promotional videos
  • Awning - Protect your customers from the weather as they fill their cups
  • Marquee - Still one of the best ways to let customers know who you are and what you have to offer

The Featherlite draft trailer is sure to be a hit at events everywhere. Call Featherlite Specialty Trailer Sales at 800-800-1230 or fill out the form on the left today to learn more.