Featherlite Trailers Available Inventory

To meet your immediate hauling needs, Featherlite has a wide selection of new trailers and used trailers for sale in its inventory. The list is updated often, so check back regularly, but trailers for sale currently include race car trailers, display trailers, hospitality trailers and vending trailers.

Call Featherlite Specialty Trailer Sales at 800-800-1230 or email Featherlite to learn more about one of these used trailers or new race transporters currently available.

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VIN Year Type Location
GC138726 2016 Race Transporter Iowa
Transporter Shell 2015 Race Transporter Iowa


VIN Year Type Location
DC127845 2013 Gooseneck Trailer Iowa
BC116825 2011 Display/Vending Trailer with Truck Iowa
1C046054 2001 Kitchen Trailer Iowa
9C113478 2009 Hospitality Trailer Iowa
6H402059 2006 Race Transporter Iowa
YH473309 2000 Race Transporter Iowa
2C052271 2002 Display Trailer Iowa
3C059301 2003 Race Transporter Iowa
YC034643 2000 Race Transporter Iowa
7C104626 2007 Hospitality Trailer Iowa
6C081272 2006 Cup Type Transporter Iowa
No Image
2004 Race Transporter Iowa